What would happen if we have muscles but not bones?

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Jan 3, 2018


Our body would be non functional and we would die if we had no other medical intervention that will keep us alive. The human body without bones is just like an semi-empty sack.


Our skeleton is a very rigid structure of bones which provides support for our muscles, skin and its task is also to protect our vital organs.Whithout the bone we would be unable to do anything, beacuse our nerves, blood flow, lungs, organs would be blocked and squeezeed.

My teacher used to say that our bones were created by the most inteligent architect. When a skeletal muscle contracts, bone attached to the muscle moves. So in absence of skeleton, entire skeletal muscle system will become defunct and will surely atrophy.

Even act of breathing is dependent on movements of different bony elements of the rib cage.


Hypophosphatasia is a really interestng disrorder which leads to loss of all bone mineralization/ formation during childhood. Janelly Martinez-Amador was diagnosed with such a rare disorder:

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