What would you expect to see in areas subject to abrasion?

1 Answer
Feb 18, 2016

Expect to see some blood, torn skin, and some dirt.


-the surface of the skin has been broken
- less severe than a laceration
-scraped skin can contain dirt particles depending where the person has been scraped.

1. Clean the wound with a sterile gauze and antiseptic.
2. If the wound has dirt, one may use a surfactant.
3. Rinse the wound with sterile saline or flowing tap water.
4. Cover wound with the proper non-stick sterile dressing.
5. Change the dressing according to the manufacturer's instructions.
6. if one reapplies antiseptic, wash it off after 5 minutes and redress wound
* Don't scrub the dirt as it will further traumatize the wound site.

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