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When water is mixed with rubbing alcohol, the two liquids completely dissolve. Are the two liquids miscible, or are they immiscible?

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anor277 Share
Apr 24, 2016


I always read #"miscible"# as #"mixable"#; it means that they are soluble in each other


The longer the alkyl chain of the alcohol, the less soluble the alcohol in water. Methanol and ethanol are infinitely miscible in water, Even though #Pr^(i)OH# is a #2""^@# alcohol, the alkyl chain is sufficiently short to allow significant water solubility.

In the laboratory, bulk isopropyl alcohol or #"IPA"# as it is called, is used as a solvent for potassium hydroxide to make a very powerful cleaning agent for glassware. #KOH# goes up slowly, but the bath will dissolve silicone grease.

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