When writing dialogue, with what type of speech would you be most likely to use slang?

1 Answer
Feb 20, 2018

Dialogue is defined as a conversation between two or more people.


Let's just review the different types of speeches:

  • Informative speech is meant to tell information. This centers on talking about people, events, places, things and processes.
  • Persuasive speech is most common and used for persuading the audience using effective arguments to prove your point.
  • Special occasion speech is meant to pay tribute to a someone or something. This is mainly ceremonial or commemorative.

When it comes to informative and persuasive speeches, it is best to use formal, correct language. Your goal is to inform and persuade; the audience may have a hard time understanding slang and might get distracted by it.

In special occasion speech, it is okay to use slang, because this type of speech is more personal than the rest. You may even find yourself relating to your audience better using slang rather than the flowery language often used in informative and persuasive speech. It really depends on your audience.