Which of the following is a connotation of the word hunter in “The Most Dangerous Game”: survivor, murderer, or a person who hunts?

1 Answer
May 19, 2018

A connotation would be murderer.



In some circumstances, a hunter would choose to hunt for survival. However, this is not the case in this short story. Rainsford describes himself and his companions as 'big-game hunters' and discusses his love of the sport. This conveys that Rainsford hunts for pleasure, rather than out of necessity.

Person Who Hunts

This is certainly applicable to hunter. However, it cannot be considered a connotation because it is a literal definition. A connotation is an implied meaning of a word, so this choice is not appropriate.


Murderer is the best choice for a connotation of hunter. As the general begins his twisted game, the word takes on a very negative and threatening connotation and Rainsford considers life and death. There is also a strong sense of power and evilness, making murderer an appropriate connotation.