Which of the following is the most accurate statement with regard to giftedness ?

a. it is the same as creativity.
b. it may include motor or cognitive abilities.
c. it can be identified using an IQ test by itself.
d. it is defined as when a child is

1 Answer
Mar 8, 2018


b. It may include motor or cognitive abilities.


I don't like the word "giftedness" in any application towards people's abilities. We ALL have particular and unique abilities that can be utilized as well as we can. Exceptional abilities (or deficiencies) can occur in motor skills as well as cognitive ones.

That's one problem with a term like "gifted"! Who gave the gift (and how is that different from or any better than the miraculous "gift of life" we all have)? Some usage inverts the language - when is "gifted" "special" - or simply ignores common language.