Which verb tense indicates continuing action: Future, Progressive, Present, or Past perfect?

1 Answer
Aug 22, 2016

All Progressive (Continuous) tenses.


Present (Simple) tense indicates a repeating action. It can be recognized by time words like usually, every day, often and so on.

Future (Simple) indicates a future event. We use this tense if we decide to do something at the time of speaking. An example could be:

Someone is knocking the door. I will open it.

Speaker could not decide to open the door before he/she heard someone knocking so the decision was made at the time of speaking.

Past Perfect (Simple) indicates which of 2 past events took place earlier.

Tom had done his homework before he went out to play football.

All progressive tenses (except Present Progressive) indicate that the described actions took a longer time than ones described by Simple tenses.