Which word is the adverb in the sentence: "Quietly, they made their way home."?

2 Answers
May 6, 2017

The adverb in this sentence is "Quietly".


Adverbs are used to modify or describe verbs (actions) or verb phrases or adjectives in some cases.
They essentially add to the verb, and so are adverbs.

Adverbs are usually easy to spot, because they often end in #ly#.

In the last sentence, the adverb #usually# ends in #ly#, but the adverb #often# does not.

May 6, 2017



adverbs modify the verb. The verb in this sentence is made.
Quietly tells how they made " their way home"

Usually adverbs are located near the verb while quietly is located at the beginning of the sentences. This makes it more difficult to identify Quietly as the adverb.