Which would you describe as "stickier": a polar molecule or a nonpolar one?

1 Answer
Jun 10, 2017

The polar molecules is "stickier#


non polar molecules have no ( or very little) difference in the electronegativity or are completely symmetrical. There is no or very little attraction between the molecules of a non polar molecule.

Take methane # CH_4# This symmetrical non polar molecule stays a gas at very low temperatures. To become a liquid the molecules must stick together. Methane molecules do not stick together. (Until there is very little kinetic energy, or low temperature)

Conversely water is highly polar. One part of water (Hydrogen) has a partial positive charge, while the other part of water (Oxygen) has a partial negative charge. This causes one water molecular to "stick" to another water molecule. Because of this water is a liquid between temperatures of# 0^oC and 100^0C# Water is a liquid at room temperature.