Who has the most Karma in the whole Socratic community? Just wondering

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Gary P. Share
Jan 9, 2018


That's a great question!


I am not sure if I am 100% right but here is what I found~

Ernest Z. has the most Karma, 3M Karma!

Here is the link to his profile: https://socratic.org/users/ernest-z

He was born to be smart! And you can tell just by looking at his unique, amazing smile.

enter image source here

Well Ernest Z. is not the only one :)

We have this friendly gentleman Stefan V. He has 2M Karma!

enter image source here

Profile link: https://socratic.org/users/stefan-zdre

Stefan is not the last one too :)

I found Meave60 with 1M Karma!

Honestly I don't know a lot about him/her (see...I can't even tell if it is a man or a woman). Anyway, here is the profile link and you can take a look :)

enter image source here

There is also anor277 with 1M Karma!

Profile link: https://socratic.org/users/guy-c

enter image source here

I hope this helps and it took me a while to go through these accounts and found these people!

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