Who was Henry Kissinger?

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Aug 28, 2016

He was a key part of Nixon's administration.


Nixon initially used Kissinger, a fellow at Harvard, in his foreign policy objectives. He was originally used as a foreign policy advisor which meant he could shape foreign policy without Congressional control, and then later he became Secretary of State.

Kissinger's most high profile role was probably being in charge of American negotiations when the Americans withdrew from Vietnam in 1973. He was awarded the Nobel Peace prize jointly with Le Duc Tho the North Vietnamese negotiator who refused it.

He also played a key role in American foreign policy in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia. This included supporting the Pakistani government in the war in Bangladesh, being instrumental in destabilisng the Chilean government of Salvador Allende and supporting the brutal coup of General Pinochet. He also pursued an active anti-communist strategy in Central America which again led to the support of violent regimes in countries such as Nicaragua and Honduras responsible for widespread atrocities.