Why are synthesis reactions particularly important in the body?

1 Answer
May 12, 2014

The sum of all the chemical processes in the body is called the bodies METABOLISM.

METABOLISM is the sum of all processes that break down materials in the body known as CATABOLISM and all processes that build up materials in the body known as ANABOLISM.

ANABOLISM is any process that builds, puts together, combines, also known as synthesis. Building proteins, the process of converting the blueprint of DNA into the polypeptide chains that will eventually become the proteins that build and shape our bodies is called PROTEIN SYNTHESIS.

Proteins can take the form of tissues like collagen in the cartilage, elastin in tendons, albumin prothrombin and fibrinogen in blood, or keratin in you hair and nails. Proteins can form hormones like insulin to control blood sugar, FSH or LH for producing ova, testosterone for development or adrenalin for the big game.

Without the process of synthesis the body as we know it could not function and the building blocks of who and what we are would cease to be.

I hope this was helpful.