Why do so many ask questions here that can be easily answered by google in less than a minute?

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Jul 30, 2017

What is this magical thing called "Google"?


For starters, "Google" does not answer questions, it just helps people find content that is available online.

The real issue here is how people feel about the content that they find online. Even if a student were to use Google to find an answer to a question, there's really no guarantee that they would be satisfied with what is available.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of great resources out there, but sometimes students want more. Or something different. Much like everything else, the educational content available online is very hit-and-miss in nature--it helps some students and leaves others frustrated.

A lot of students ask questions on Socratic looking for explanations that they can understand. We're getting questions from students who mention that they have already found the answer, but that a little more explanation would help them consolidate their understanding. Or maybe a different explanation, tailored to their level.

In a nutshell, people are looking for anything that can help them with that elusive aha moment, even if that means asking questions that have already been answered elsewhere.

As far as we are concerned, we don't see anything wrong with providing even more educational content for the students of the world to use. In fact, Socratic is one of those online resources that students land on when searching for content using Google.

So in this regard, we are all doing our part in creating content that future students can find using Google's "magic" :D

Aug 1, 2017

Because Socratic has a beautiful interface which motivates us to ask questions to people who knows about it.

Also, on Google you may not find the exact answer to the question you're asking, as in Socratic, experts people are answering with clarty to your question.

(Sorry for my english and my mistakes, i'm french)