Why do u think we should maintain a balance among all the realms of the earth?

1 Answer
Mar 14, 2016

Upsetting a “balance” always results in unknown and unintended consequences, most of which are not good for the existing life forms, including humans!


A balance of “realms” may shift over time, but natural processes usually take a long time, allowing each realm to adapt better to the changing conditions. But, an abrupt change brought about by external factors or unnatural exploitation by one of the realms will cause significant disruptions to the way the realms can interact – particularly with respect to inter-dependencies and support.

Whether you think the current equilibrium is the result of purely random occurrences or a planned state conducive to human life, actions severe enough to disrupt the equilibrium may not be reversible. The system will find a new equilibrium or balance point in any case. But, we cannot be sure that such a state would continue to support life as it exists now. Therefore, it is much better to avoid actions that could disrupt the current balance of the realms of the earth.