Why does Hydrogen fuel still result in pollution?

1 Answer
Dec 26, 2016

Not all Hydrogen fuel results in pollution but most of it does for the following reasons.


Most of the Hydrogen that is created is done by Steam Reforming . As you can see from the reference, a hydrocarbon is use to release Hydrogen from water and a by product is either #CO# or #CO_2#. However, this is a bit of a false statistic, because most Hydrogen produced in this manner is used by oil refineries to remove Sulfur from Crude oil so that the gasoline and diesel fuel produced from the Crude oil do not contain Sulfur.

The second most used method of Hydrogen creation is Electrolysis of Water . This method uses large quantities of electricity to separate water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. Though this process does not pollute, the process by which the electricity is generated often does produce large quantities of pollutants. If we focus on converting our electricity generation sources to non-polluting renewable source, then Hydrogen fuel creation using Electrolysis will become totally non-polluting.