Why is electrochemistry important?

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Feb 23, 2017

Electrochemistry is becoming increasingly important as our need for harnessing and storing energy may be a determining factor in extending human life on earth as we know it.


From the early experiments with chemicals and static electricity we now have electrical power capable of supplying most of our energy needs.

Electrolysis has been used to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen and electroplating to supply us with hundreds of metal components and products.

By chemically altering germanium and silicon scientists have been able to perfect transistors that permit the miniaturization and complexity of tiny circuits for millions of electronic devices.

Energy storage devices have jumped forward in recent times to feature capacitors that store voltage over four million times that available only forty years ago. This as a result of better chemical compounds like aero-gels that permit closer spacing along with increased di-electric capacity.

How many different battery technologies have you heard of in your lifetime? They may include carbon-zinc, lead-acid, NiCad,
nickel-metal-hydride, alkaline, Li-ion, and more.
This is one of the fields of electrochemistry that will be absolutely important to our futures to allow us to store energy properly and completely. We waste far too much energy every day because there is nowhere to store the excess power generated.

How soon will you drive a chemically powered electric car?