Why is hydrogen important to life?

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Mar 11, 2018



Hydrogen is a part of the water molecular structure.
Water is made of 2 Hydrogen (H) atoms, and 1 Oxygen (O) atom.
Together, they form H2O (water).
Water is essential for all life.

In what other ways Hydrogen is important, I do not know.

Mar 12, 2018

It makes up many molecules essential to life.


A prime example of why hydrogen is so important to life is water. Everybody is familiar with this compound, and it is essential to life, as it helps regulate body processes and also keeps us hydrated. Water has a chemical formula of #H_2O#, and therefore hydrogen is needed to synthesise the compound.

On the other hand, all organic compound that life needs has hydrogen in it. Some examples include #ATP#, #NADPH#, and the #"DNA"# bases just to name a few. Without hydrogen, these compounds wouldn't exist, and we would therefore not live without it.

I don't think pure hydrogen #(H_2)# is essential to life, but if we combine other elements with hydrogen, we get compounds that are required for us to be able to stay alive.

That is why hydrogen is so important for living organisms.