Why is the definite article "the" used before some countries and not before some other countries?

Example: The Netherlands, the Vatican City, the UK, etc., but not the India, the France, the Germany, etc.

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Mar 29, 2018

Generally, all prefix of united or archipelagoes of Island countries.


The USA, the UK, the Maldives, The Philippines etc need the definite article of THE before the country/countries.

But, North America, North Korea, South Korea like, direction ( an adjective before a country) to a country, we need not any definite article.

One single country name like: SWEDEN, POLAND, DENMARK,INDIA need not any article before them, these are basic rules of thumb that English grammarians have made a convention, simple to memorize.

But if you meant why --a history of it, sorry, I don't know--why. You can search it by google.

Many words or writing terms have histories too, now a different context, like
spelling Varsity vs University
Sincerely yours, adverb needs a verb/adverb/adjective--here it is absent, these have histories.

Mar 30, 2018

See explanation.


The definite article the is used with the geographical names in three cases:

  • The names are plural

Examples: The Philipines, The Netherlands, The Alps and so on

  • The names include common nouns

Examples: the United Kingdom, the Republic of Poland, the Baltic Sea and so on

  • All names of oceans, seas, rivers have the

Examples: the Nile, the Atlantic (Ocean), the English Channel and so on.