Why is the liver important?

1 Answer
Jul 24, 2016

Aids in the digestion of food, removes harmful toxins and making fats work for you


When we eat fatty foods and it enters into our stomach and the liver produces a liquid called Bile. Bile helps break down the large fats into smaller fatty acids which can be used as an emergency energy source.

Harmful Toxins
When nasty and harmful substances and toxins enter the bloodstream our liver acts rapidly fast to eliminate them. The liver also filters our blood, removing dead cells, invading bacteria, processing nitrogen and cholesterol. Our liver even neutralises harmful hormones. Then the unwanted toxins are to be transported to the kidneys for disposal.

Making Fats work for you
Our liver is a fat-processing machine but if the fat is in an excess amount the liver combines the fatty acids and glycerol( non-toxic, sweet tasting liquid) to form a new energy source and transports it under the tissue of our skin. Then when our energy levels are low when we are exercising or in between meals, the liver takes the fat and turns back into glycerol and then the liver turns the fatty acids into an alternative energy supply.

Hope this helps!