Why is using a graduated cylinder more accurate than using a beaker?

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Jun 13, 2018

see below


using a beaker you donn't know exactly the volume you use because the superficial area is wideand a little variation of height can mean a great difference in the volume you have. Than the sign of capacity on the beaker is put only approximately
The graduated cylinder, having a less superficial area have a less difference in volum also if you a little mistake in filling the instrument, then generally a misure is more accurate

Jun 13, 2018

Well, graduated cylinders have more markings, and are thus designed to be more accurate...

Examine this graduated cylinder. It has markings every #"1 mL"#, so you can make measurements to the 1st decimal place as the uncertain digit.


Hence, it is reasonable to assume you have measured, say, #"52.5 mL"#.

On the other hand, examine a beaker:


The markings are only every #"20 mL"#... and it even says "approx." on the #"100 mL"# volume! You couldn't possibly say you measured #"52.5 mL"# on it, and you'd not exactly be sure you got #"50 mL"#... your guess would be at the ones place, and you might say #"55 mL"#.

And if you had both in hand, you might measure #"52.5 mL"# in the graduated cylinder and pour it into the beaker, only to find it is a significantly different volume.