Why preposition 'to' is not used before the word 'home' ?

Like, I go to market or I go to house. But I go home. Why so?

1 Answer

The use of the word home is different than the word house. See below for some thoughts:


I think this is more an opinion than a factual answer, but here we go:

First off, there is a regional use of English that I need to mention. In some parts of the English-speaking world, people will say:

I'm going to market or I'm going to hospital

whereas in other parts of the world, people say

I'm going to the market or I'm going to the hospital

so do be aware that the word "the" can be dropped (or added), depending on where the person is from.

When we talk about going to a place, we'll generally use the form

going to the hospital or going to the house.

However, when referring to home, we're not actually referring to a specific geographic place (like a house or a market) but instead are referring to a place where our family is, where we feel comfortable, and where our "home base" is. Oftentimes, our home is in the location where our house is, but it doesn't have to be.