Why should you put a bandaid on an open wound?

2 Answers
Sep 30, 2016

You should put a bandage on an open wound to prevent from infection, stop the bleeding, and help the wound heal.

Oct 29, 2016

There are several reasons why you should put a Band-Aid(R) on an open wound.


1. It decreases the chance of scarring

Keeping a wound covered until it heals can prevent a scab from forming and minimize the chances of scarring.


2. It promotes healing

A Band-Aid(R) keeps the wound moist.

This ensures protein production and proper healing, which can minimize the formation of scabs.

Scabs impede the growth of new skin cells to cover the wound.

3. It reduces the chance of infection

A Band-Aid(R) helps prevent exposure to dirt and germs.

4. It protects the wound from further injury

A Band-Aid(R) cushions the wound against knocks and abrasions that could cause further injury.