Why was Reconstruction needed for the former Confederacy?

1 Answer
Dec 3, 2017

Integrate African-Americans into Society.


The whole idea of Reconstruction was to try and take the former slaves and try to make them part of society. Also, Reconstruction was also made as an attempt to try and get racism out of the Confederate ideology. Troops where put in the south to help the process along. One action that was preformed was taking the land of plantation owners and giving it to former slaves so that they could grow their own crops and make a living for themselves. Reconstruction was slowed by many factors, like unwilling Southerners, former Confederate soldiers, and some politicians. Reconstruction is debated as to whether is was a success or a failure. My personal opinion is that is was a success in planting the idea of integration, but failed in fully achieving that goal. Reconstruction came to an end in the 1876 presidential election. It was a close election but Rutherford Hayes won on the premise that he would withdraw troops and end Reconstruction.