Why was the Battle of Bulge important?

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Jan 21, 2017


It was Nazi Germany's last attempt to win the war. It was the largest battle on the Western Front.


The Battle of the Bulge was the result of a last ditch effort by the Germans to turn the tide of battle back in their favor in the West.

The German plan was to drive through the Ardennes and capture the port of Antwerp vital to the Allied war effort. If successful the American and British forces would have to bring supplies all the way from Normandy crippling the Allied war effort.

The American forces defending the area were unprepared for the massive assault of the German forces. The Germans made rapid advances and threatened to achieve a decisive breakthrough.

The stubborn defense of Bastogne by the 101 airborne, the rapid response of Patton's armored units, and the break in the weather allowing the impact of American air superiority combined to stop the German offensive.

The Battle left a large bulge in the Allied lines, but did not break the Allied forces as hoped. The German offensive cost the Germans armored units and elite infantry. The Germans would not be able to launch another offensive after the Battle of the Bulge.