Why would knowing the correct way to lift a heavy object be an important behavior to protect the health of the male reproductive system?

1 Answer
Apr 4, 2016

Knowing the proper way of weight lifting not only reduces ergonomical hazard it would also be preventing a disease called inguinal hernia.


Inguinal hernia has no early symptoms that is why very few discover the disease in its early stages. When you lift improperly especially heavy load ones, the intestinal tissues are greatly stressed and will push down through the inguinal canal and settle in the scrotum and the groin. This happens slowly or drastically depending on how heavy and frequent you lift objects. Symptoms may include swelling of the scrotum in men, pain in the groin when coughing, bending or exercising. That is why always remember to lift with your legs and that the safety belt worn during weight lifting is not placed on the groin but on the abdomen. Hope this helps.