'Word meaning' is correct or 'word meanings' is correct please suggest?

1 Answer
Apr 14, 2018

Both are correct based on context.


If you write, please see the word meaning of it---now it is an overall issue modified by a "word" an adjective in general situation and "meaning" is an uncountable noun.

Or, this word means anything.

Now, here "means" is a verb.

Or these word meanings are appalled!

By functioning, "meanings" are countable noun here.

Many nouns are countable/uncountable nouns too.

In general situation they could be uncountable, but a specific situation it could be a countable noun, clear?

Like agreement.

We have an agreement with this co.---specific---so countable.

I have little agreement in this situation what to do! unspecific---uncountable noun,

So? Context is important in English grammar, please keep in mind.