Your reactants are two compounds composed of ions. What type of reaction do you probably have?

1 Answer
Jan 28, 2017

Possibly, you propose a #"metathesis (or partner exchange)"# reaction.


Such reactions often exploit the insolubility of the products, and I can propose one well-known reaction:

#AgNO_3(aq) + NaCl(aq) rarr AgCl(s)darr + NaNO_3(aq)#

And we could also express this in terms of the net ionic equation, because the sodium and nitrate ions are along for the ride, and are not conceived to participate in the reaction:

#Ag^(+) + Cl^(-) rarr AgCl(s)darr#

The reaction is driven to the right as written because of the extreme insolubility of the silver halides. The could also be referred to as a #"precipitation reaction"#.