How teachers can use Socratic

Let's make learning easier.

Like you, we believe students deserve great teaching. Here are four simple recipes for using Socratic (in and outside the classroom!) that'll help make learning easier for your students.


Provide help when you're not around

Offer Socratic as a resource for homework help and extra guidance on tricky topics for those too-often moments when they’re stuck—and you can’t be there to explain. Socratic is a caring community that can answer students’ questions, with helpful explanations and videos.

Share a link to Socratic wherever your students turn for help:

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Curate great resources for your class

Socratic is home to helpful explanations, videos, and questions—all organized by topic. Quickly find topic-specific explanations to send students for review (like this one) or post practice questions or videos that’ll help them prep for tests.

Find the resources you're looking for on our Topic Pages

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PS: All text content on Socratic is Creative Commons licensed, so feel free to reuse / recycle / remix however you like!

Unlock your students’ inner teacher

How? Offer your students extra credit for answering questions on Socratic. They’ll strengthen their own understanding in explaining to others, and they can explore the subject you’ve taught them more deeply—with no extra planning on your part.

Share these simple instructions for your students to get them started in a few easy steps.


Write and share complex notation easily

It can be unreasonably hard to write #x= (-b+- sqrt(b^2-4ac))/(2a)# or #C_6H_12O_6O_2 -> 6CO_2 + 6H_2O + "energy"# online.

Use Socratic scratchpads to send and submit work with students, allow them to collaborate on group problems, or just as a space to brainstorm and play. Let these examples inspire you: Playing with integrals · Prepping an exam

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