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Technologists, tinkerers, bookworms, subway surfers, and real people who are definitely not dogs that make the Socratic app and website

  • Chris Pedregal
    Chris Pedregal
    Founder, CEO, Product


    Google PM, Stanford

    When I was in school, it was the teachers who made me feel like I could learn who helped me the most. Turns out that if you believe you can learn something, you're much more likely to learn it. My teachers helped me build that confidence.

  • Shreyans Bhansali
    Shreyans Bhansali
    Founder, CTO


    Venmo 1st employee, UPenn

    Our society is learning to collaborate in ways that the world has never seen before. The technology community has been transformed by the power of collaboration over the Internet, and I believe the same ideas apply to every field of human endeavor. I also believe that education, and amazing teaching, are the root of all good, and through Socratic I want to bring the power of collaborative communities to teaching.

  • Becca McArthur
    Becca McArthur
    Product, Community


    Crowdtap, Colgate

    I've always subscribed to the notion that the knowledge we carry around with us is our greatest asset; it's something no one can take away. For me, that's why education - the collection of that knowledge - matters, and I love that online communities can make what matters to us easier. I'm at Socratic to connect teachers with students and students with knowledge, making learning an accessible, powerful tool for everyone.

  • Kuba Dolecki
    Kuba Dolecki


    Lore, Harvard

    As immigrants, my family emphasized education as the only way to take advantage of the opportunities presented by our move to the US. Thanks to the continuing spread of the internet around the world, more and more of those same opportunities will be available to those outside of the US. I am building Socratic to provide people everywhere the education necessary to explore those opportunities in addition to creating their own.

  • Serdar Karatekin
    Serdar Karatekin


    CP+B, MIT

    I've always been passionate about education and giving people more ways to empower themselves with knowledge. The Internet is an amazing medium that can facilitate self-education and allow everyone to realize their potential in life no matter where they are. I'm at Socratic to be part of and contribute to this exciting revolution in how we learn.

  • Lili Dworkin
    Lili Dworkin


    Pulse, UPenn

    I discovered my love for education when I had the opportunity to teach my own course during graduate school. There is nothing quite like the feeling of helping a student finally understand some challenging concept. Socratic is building a global community that makes it possible for students to experience these "aha" moments every day.

  • Tyler DeWitt
    Tyler DeWitt


    MIT, Kaplan

    I love to teach, and I love to think about what great teaching looks like. Whether it takes place in a classroom, on a website, or in an app, great teaching must be relevant, accessible, engaging—even elegant. For me, it's an absolute joy to think about how to apply principles of great teaching to very novel modes of education.

  • Genevieve Stahl
    Genevieve Stahl
    Content and Teaching


    Teach for America, UW

    As a former teacher, I believe that every student deserves access to a quality education. At Socratic, I am able to scale my contribution by ensuring students not only in my classroom, but all over the world, have the opportunity to succeed academically.

  • Grant Anderson
    Grant Anderson


    Live, Foursquare, Salesforce

    The younger generations of our society will always be the most fluent in technology - I'm excited to help us work towards the inflection point of parity between education and tech and the possibilities that future holds.

  • Jessica Weinberg
    Jessica Weinberg


    Bitly, Timehop, NYU

    I grew up in a household where education was a top priority. My mother, a professor, emphasized the importance of knowledge and learning from an early age- both by setting an example and always pushing me to try my hardest in school. Through education, I not only discovered my passion for technology, but also developed the skills to pursue it. I believe education is a fundamental human right that unlocks doors and opens up opportunities, and I'm excited to be part of Socratic, where I can build technology that helps people access that right.

  • William Xu
    William Xu


    iROKO, Fuzz

    I think that every generation's most important obligation is nurturing a smarter, better next one. Technology is the key to making education a more powerful experience and accomplishing that goal. Ultimately, everyone should have the right to the opportunity of reaching their fullest potential and making their own impact. I hope to contribute towards that future through Socratic.

  • Olivia Lin
    Olivia Lin
    Growth and Operations


    touchlab, SNAP Interactive

    Out of all the subjects, I had the most trouble with math. My parents helped with the basics, but I went to school before smartphones existed and webpages were skeletons. It was often a struggle getting to the right answers. I'm thrilled to be part of the Socratic team, helping students learn in smart, meaningful ways on devices they already use everyday.

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