Trigonometric Functions of Any Angle

Key Questions

  • Well, the reference angle is the angle [the one which is the smallest] between the #x#-axis and the terminal side.

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  • Answer:

    As below:


    Ordered pairs on an unit circle

    enter image source here

    Exact values of the ordered pairs of the unit circle is represented in pictorial form above in degrees and radians.

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  • Well, I guess you could use a special representation of the function through a sum of terms, also known as Taylor Series.
    It is, basically, what happens in your pocket calculator when you evaluate, for example, #sin(30°)#.
    Your calculator does this:
    where #theta# must be in RADIANS.
    In theory you should add infinite terms but, depending upon the accuracy required, you can normally stop at three terms.
    In our case we have: #theta=pi/6=3.14/6=0.523# and:

    You can find the Taylor series for the other trigonometric functions such as:
    enter image source here
    (Picture source: