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  1. #sqrt(8x-12)=4#
  2. #(5y-11)/21=(12y+7^2)/(4^3)#
  3. 25 + x = −5(2 + 8x) + 6x
  4. What is 30% of 400?
  5. #2 3/5 + 12x >= (7x-6)/15#
  6. #int(x+1)^5 dx#
  7. #5r^2 - 27r + 14 = 0#
  8. What is the area of a circle with a radius of 12?


  1. What is the monomer that makes up proteins?
  2. A balloon has a volume of 2.9 L at 320 Kelvin. If the temperature is raised to 343 K, what will its volume be?
  3. Explain the greenhouse effect and the consequences of climate change.
  4. How much heat is given off when 1.25 grams of silver is cooled from 100.0 C to 80.0 C? (The specific heat of silver is 0.057 cal/g C)
  5. If the sequence of bases in a section of DNA is TAGGCTAA, what is the corresponding sequence of bases in mRNA?


  1. Why was 1968 a year of turmoil in US history?
  2. Who was Thomas Jefferson?
  3. What was the main consequence of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
  4. What is federalism?
  5. What was one purpose of the Marshall Plan of 1948?