Aditya Banerjee.

A student studying Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. Love to exchange knowledge and share thoughts. Aim is to make Socratic the best place for knowledge and as a family.

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Level 13 in Chemistry Level 8 in Algebra Level 8 in Physics Level 5 in Precalculus Level 5 in Calculus Level 4 in Trigonometry Level 4 in Geometry Level 4 in Anatomy & Physiology Level 4 in Organic Chemistry I Level 3 in Prealgebra Level 3 in Biology Level 2 in Earth Science Level 2 in Astrophysics Level 2 in Astronomy Level 1 in Socratic Meta Level 1 in U.S. History Level 1 in Statistics Level 1 in World History Level 1 in Psychology Level 1 in Environmental Science