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  • Sarah
    @sarah-107 Sarah I really appreciate this! Looks like I was on the right track; just need to go over some of these concepts more. Anyway, thank you! for this answer
    3 days ago
  • Someone from United States
    Someone from United States Thankyou this is very helpful as this sort of question "throws me off" and now l understand it - thankyou! :) for this answer
    3 days ago
  • zoe
    @zoe-7 zoe Thank you so much for taking your time to answer my question :) for this answer
    3 days ago
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I am a student in grade 11 who loves math and science. I also love to answer questions and to help the student community. I am very appreciative to everyone who is so considerate as to thank me for my help. Socratic is a great place and I'm proud to be making a difference.

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