Ken C.

Love to learn and to teach math and history. A current student, looking to pursue a career in the technical field.

I am a recent high school graduate and I am entering MIT for my freshman year of college. I won't be able to update my profile after August 15th, 2018, so you'll just have to extrapolate details from then on. I loved contributing to the Socratic website and I'm glad that Socratic has their priorities straight.

P.S. my Quora account:

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Level 15 in Calculus Level 12 in Algebra Level 11 in World History Level 10 in Precalculus Level 8 in U.S. History Level 7 in Trigonometry Level 6 in Chemistry Level 3 in Anatomy & Physiology Level 2 in Socratic Meta Level 1 in Geometry Level 1 in Physics