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    @bree-14 Bree Thank you so much! my friend and I have been stressing over these equations for hours. you're a lifesaver! for this answer
    3 weeks ago
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    Someone from United Kingdom Thank You! for this answer
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    Someone from San Francisco, United States thank you for clearing factor rules with trig!! for this answer
    4 weeks ago
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Nghi N

Retired math tutor. Author of a few math articles, being posted on Google, Yahoo, and Socratic. 1. The transposing method in solving linear equations. 2. The new AC method to factor trinomials 3. The new Transforming Method to solve quadratic equations. 4. Solving quadratic equations by the Quadratic Formula in Graphic Form. 5. Solving trig equations, concept and methods. 6. Solving trig inequalities, concept, methods, and steps 7. Convert quadratic functions from one form to another.

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