Shwetank Mauria

I have been good at Mathematics and even as a student in school, I used to coach my classmates. Later when I moved to college in Physics, I started as tutor for supporting me. Subsequently, I joined banking and central banking and also joined a College (promoted by the central bank) as a Member of Faculty in areas such as Information Technology, Risk Management and Risk Modelling. My interest has always been learning and teaching and emphasis has always been on building concepts.

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Level 25 in Prealgebra Level 23 in Algebra Level 22 in Trigonometry Level 21 in Precalculus Level 20 in Geometry Level 19 in Calculus Level 15 in Physics Level 14 in Statistics Level 12 in Astronomy Level 10 in Chemistry Level 7 in Earth Science Level 5 in Socratic Meta Level 4 in Biology