Trevor Ryan.

Passionate about Physics, Mathematics, Applied Maths, Chemistry, Engineering, human biology, most sports, especially cricket, rugby, bike racing, the outdoor, sunshine, travelling, time with friends, etc. Im Christian, believe in Jesus & Bible, but dont trust churches. I'm currently unemployed, medically bordered, & permanently disabled due very bad treatment at previous employer, the NMMU university in PE, so my memory & ability is not as good anymore, so please excuse mistakes I make at times.

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Level 16 in Algebra Level 16 in Anatomy & Physiology Level 16 in Chemistry Level 16 in Physics Level 16 in Calculus Level 14 in Trigonometry Level 14 in Precalculus Level 13 in Biology Level 11 in Organic Chemistry I Level 10 in Earth Science Level 10 in Geometry Level 9 in Statistics Level 8 in Prealgebra Level 6 in Astronomy Level 5 in Psychology Level 3 in Environmental Science Level 2 in English Grammar Level 1 in Socratic Meta Level 1 in Astrophysics