1.00mol of propene sample is placed in an oxygen filled calorimeter and burned. The starting temperature of the calorimeter is 25.00°C and its total heat capacity is 97.1kJ/°C. The temperature of the calorimeter increased to 27.282°C. Find a), b) and c)?

a) Chemical equation that balances the reaction in the calorimeter.
b) How many J of energy were emitted in this reaction?
c) What is the heat released from the reaction of oxygen and propene when burning 1 mol of #C_3H_8#

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Jun 14, 2018


Here's what I get.


(a) The chemical equation

The formula for propene is #"C"_3"H"_6#.

The chemical equation for its reaction with oxygen is

#"2C"_3"H"_6 + "9O"_2 → "6CO"_2 + "6H"_2"O"#

(b) Energy released by the reaction

There are two heat transfers to consider:

#"heat released by reaction + heat absorbed by calorimeter = 0"#
#color(white)(mmmmmm)q_1 color(white)(mmmmml)+color(white)(mmmmmmm) q_2 color(white)(mmmmmll)= 0#
#color(white)(mmmmmm)q_1color(white)(mmmmml)+ color(white)(mmmmmm)CΔT color(white)(mmmmm)= 0#

#ΔT = "(27.282 - 25.00) °C = 2.28 °C"#

#q_1 = "-"CΔT = "-97.1 kJ"·color(red)(cancel(color(black)("°C"^"-1"))) × 2.28 color(red)(cancel(color(black)("°C"))) = "-222 kJ"#

(c) Heat released by burning 1 mol of propene

Burning 1 mol of propene releases 222 kJ.