1 . Which of the following statements is false for animals? A) All animals eukaryote B) All animals are heterotrophy C) All animals reproduce sexually only D) Most animals are motile

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Feb 3, 2018


#(C)# All animals reproduce sexually only.


All the other options are quite correct about animals. Because organisms belonging to Kingdom Animalia are Eukaryotes, heterotrophs and most are motile.

But all animals undergo only sexual reproduction is something to which the answer is No! Because there are some animals who are capable to undergo both sexual and asexual reproduction. For example: Members of phylum Coelenterata or Cnidaria, Platyhelminthes #&# Porifera(containing the most primitive animals) reproduce by both sexual and asexual means.

Let's take hydra as an example: Hydra is a coelenterate that can reproduce asexually by a process called budding. The bud grows on the outer surface of body. This bud later separate from the parent hydra and develops into a new individual.


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