Draw the expected final product when 2-bormo-4,4,5-trimethylheptane is subjected to the following sequence of the reagents: 1) Mg/Et2O 2) CO2 3) H3O+ ??? Please , thank you

1 Answer
Nov 9, 2015



It's a Grignard reaction. First you use the magnesium to react with the bromine and form the magnesium halide #RMg^+Br^-#. Now that you have the Grignard reagent you can use it as a nucleophile so it will attack the carbon in the #O=C=O# molecule which is deficient in electrons because of the oxygens higher electronegativity. And finally you use the acid to protonate the #O^-# into a #OH# group, getting a carboxylic acid.