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Hydrogen gas has * molecules * with two atoms of Hydrogen.

(the question was wrong because it had to be referred to the molecules of the substance, not to the substance)

There are seven elements that is their gas state, (when they are not in compound), they will have a pair of atoms * per molecule * .

I refer to theses elements as the HONClBrIF group.

Hydrogen #H_2#
Oxygen #O_2#
Nitrogen #N_2#
Chlorine #Cl_2#
Bromine #Br_2#
Iodine #I_2#
Fluorine #F_2#

Some students use the mnemonic

Have No Fear Of Ice Cold Beer
Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Fluorine, Oxygen, Iodine, Chlorine, Bromine

Hydrogen naturally forms a single bond with another hydrogen to fulfill its duet covalent bond.

Oxygen naturally forms a double bond with another oxygen to fulfill its octet covalent bond.

Nitrogen naturally forms a triple bond with another nitrogen to fulfill its octet covalent bond.

The halogens Fluorine, Chlorine, Iodine and Bromine all for single bond pairs to complete their octets in covalent bonds.

I hope this was helpful.