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To calculate the speed of waves, use the "Universal Wave Equation": v = f λ where v is the velocity (speed) in meters per second, f is the frequency of the wave in Hz, and λ is the wave length of the wave in m.

For example:

Find the speed (velocity) of a wave that is traveling at a frequency of 112Hz and has a wavelength of 0.5m.

First, set up the equation for the variable you are solving, in this case, you are solving for v so no rearrangement is needed.

Next, substitute in known values. In this case, you know frequency (f) which is 112Hz, and you know the wavelength (λ) which is 0.5m. After subbing in the values, you can solve:

v =(112)(0.5)
v = 60m/s

Hope this helps! :)