Question #07a03

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Apr 20, 2016

All matter with Energy wants to be in the lowest state of energy possible.


If you think of a bond like a bridge between two cities, It would be the only way across. We all know when under stress its more likely for a bridge to fail. Energy (Cars) are always moving across. Lets say all of those Cars become heavy semi trucks. That's a huge addition to the energy and stress. Compare the two bridges now, one with cars one with trucks. The one that's going to be more prone to failure will be the one under more stress. therefor there's more energy causing that stress in the one with trucks.

Looking that over because i'm sure its confusing we know that something under more stress is more likely to break. So its Weak like the bonds of H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide). In high concentrations H202 becomes explosive. Over time it decomposes into a more stable form that has less energy than the original. That is H2 gas and Water. So much as opening the cap in those situations can cause an explosion.

Hope it helped