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Dec 18, 2014

A simple machine is used to transfer energy to do work . A wedge is a type of simple machine that is used to split or break apart an object. A fork is considered a wedge because it is used to pierce, cut, or penetrate food.

The conception of 'tools' are to do work for us, including utensils. In this case, a fork is a

The fork is used to penetrate food and allow up to split and break apart objects. Specifically, we need to break large pieces of food apart to make them edible. If we want to break things apart, the simple machine known as the wedge is the tool for the job.

Also, we can imagine a pitchfork. This is a type of tool that breaks apart objects in gardening. Often it is used to break ground or hard soil. In medieval times, forks were used for more nefarious reasons. Wedges are very useful tools.

By the way, the wedges of the fork are called "tines" and grip area is called the "handle". The area where the tines and handle meet is called the "root".

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