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Dec 10, 2014

An impulse is an object's change of momentum. Momentum is written as #p=m* Delta v#. Since momentum is changing, we can write it as Impulse= F #Delta# t. A force on an object for a given time is the impulse. the resulting equation is #Delta p = F Deltat#.

Impulse is a vector quantity. It is the result of a collision between two objects, similar to the concept of momentum and inelastic and elastic collisions but with the variable of time included. Using the concept of impulse we can describe an effect. The effect of the collision can be changes as time is changed. If the impact force is instant, the impulse will be larger than if the force is distributed over a larger time.

This website has various descriptions and examples: here

We can observe impulse when we look at the collision of a golf club and a golf ball. The force of the golf club will transfer all of its force into the ball in a millisecond. This can also be seen in the use of seat belts. The seat belt is used to extend the time of the force, therefore decreasing its impulse and impact force.

This video describes the effect of changing time on a force, i.e. decreasing time of a collision force.