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Feb 7, 2015

Since you're asked for the body weight in pounds, you have two ways of solving this problem.

You can either calculate the body weight in kilograms first, and then use a unit conversion to go to pounds, or you can calculate the dosage in #"mg/lbs"# and then multiply by the amount of medication given to the patient.

#3.00 "mg"/"kg" * ("1 kg")/("2.2046 lbs") = "1.36 mg/lbs"#

Now multiply the amount given to determine the body weight

#"245 mg" * ("1 lbs")/("1.36 mg") = "180. lbs"#

Or, like I've said, you can go from kg to lbs at the end

#"245 mg" * ("1 kg")/("3.00 mg") = "81.67 kg"#

#"81.67 kg" * ("1 lbs")/("0.45359 kg") = "180. lbs"#

The results are rounded to three sig figs.