How does sound interact with matter?

2 Answers
Mar 16, 2015

in matters it causes vibrations by stimulating heat energy in that matter

Apr 11, 2015

Sound penetrates matter according to the wave's particular frequency. Bass frequencies penetrate most, and treble frequencies the least (most attenuated by the new medium). Bass lies in the 20~200Hz range, midrange is typically said to lie in the 200~6000Hz range, and treble is typically referred to as 6000~20000Hz.

Bass causes the most vibrations in materials, particularly due to the 20~60Hz range (sub bass), whereas you cannot really feel treble vibrations; you can only hear it. This is why sound from a different room sounds muffled, and why you can feel bass vibrations in cars. However, the actual intensities are highest near 2000Hz, so it's easiest to hear midrange. The human voice often lies around here.

This diagram portrays what I mean.

Really, the main thing I'm referring to is the penetration ability of certain frequency ranges. The rest is just fun to know.