Question #e50a3

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Mar 13, 2015

No precipitate will form.

This looks like a possible double replacement reaction

So the likely equation for your reaction is

CaS(aq) + 2LiNO₃(aq) → 2LiS(?) + Ca(NO₃)₂(?)

To decide if a precipitate forms, we have to review the Solubility Rules".

The two important ones for this question are:

  1. All compounds of Group 1 elements are soluble.
  2. All nitrate (NO₃⁻), chlorate (ClO₃⁻), perchlorate (ClO₄⁻), and acetate (C₂H₃O₂⁻) salts are soluble.

LiS is soluble (Rule 1).

Ca(NO₃)₂ is soluble (Rule 2).

No precipitate will form.