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Mar 25, 2015

You basically have to use two conversion factors to go from inHg to psi in the first case, and from inHg to kPa in the second case.

1 inHg is defined as being equal to 0.491098 psi, which means youi'll get

#"30.44"cancel("inHg") * "0.491098 psi"/cancel("1 inHg") = "14.95 psi"#

Likewise, 1 inHg is defined as 3386.389 Pa, which means that, in kPa, your pressure will be equal to

#"30.44"cancel("inHg") * ("3386.389"cancel("Pa"))/cancel("1 inHg") * "1 kPa"/("1000"cancel("Pa")) = "103.1 kPa"#