Question #191c4

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Mar 29, 2015

The molarity of your solution is #"0.840 M"#.

Molarity is defined as moles of solute, in your case sodium hypochlorite, divided by liters of solution.

If you assume that the mass of sodium hypochlorite will not change the volume of water you use to make the solution, then the final volume of the solution will be 2000.0 mL.

Use sodium hypochlorite's molar mass to determine how many moles you have in 125 g

#125cancel("g") * "1 mole"/(74.442cancel("g")) = "1.67916 moles"# #NaOCl#


#C = n/V = "1.67916 moles"/(2000.0 * 10^(-3)"L") = "0.83958 mol/L"#

SIDE NOTE Do not forget to convert mililiters to liters when calculating molarity!

Rounded to three sig figs, the number of sig figs given for 125 g, the answer will be

#C = color(green)("0.840 M")#